Underground Residential Distribution for Calgary

Since 1979, Kevco has helped establish subdivisions throughout the Greater Calgary Area. Our team of shallow utility installation crews specializes in four-party underground residential distribution services, also known as URD services, which are the installation of power cables and gas lines, telecommunication and cable television lines, as well as street lights, for neighbourhoods. Through our work on underground utility systems with underground residential distribution around Calgary, we help families, neighbourhoods, and communities enjoy daily conveniences.

Experience the Benefits

Whether you’re a resident, business, or municipal organization, Kevco can make sure you get all the underground facilities you need in one go. Using a joint utilities trenching process, we can help you install power cables, gas lines, telecommunication lines, cable television lines, and street lights in one trench instead of two from the following four companies: ENMAX Power Corporation, ATCO Gas, Shaw, and TELUS.

These companies have joined together to make sure you and all new residential subdivisions can get the facilities you need with the following advantages:

  • Reduced cost and increased safety
    • Digging one trench is a more cost-effective approach than digging several for all the different utilities.
    • Four-party URD services make it easier to find cable and gas lines.
    • These services also reduce the risk of accidentally hitting another line that can happen when digging a second trench.
  • Improved efficiencies
    • Four-party URD services streamlines the time it takes each project as there is no need to wait for each electrical, cable television, telephone, and gas line installation since those installations happen simultaneously.
  • Enhanced development
    • All meters and connector boxes for four-party URD services are placed in one side of a home so that homeowners can create a more inviting landscape on the other side.

As a subcontractor of ENMAX Power Corporation, ATCO Gas, Shaw, and TELUS’ underground facilities, Kevco is here to provide you with safe and effective four-party URD services. Contact us today to get started on your four-party URD system!

For more information about four-party URD services, please take a look at ENMAX Power Corporation’s site.

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